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The world is filled with problems. And our goal is to sort out those issues and make the world more comfortable for everybody in this world. Now coming to solving problems, it requires intelligent levels like you have to understand the basics of the issue and then apply a proper resolution to sort it out.

In India, there are several problems like poverty, hunger, dacoit etc. Human beings need three basic supplements to live their life- food, clothes, and living space. These are issues that have been going on from long time and there is no exact solution for it. Electricity has also turned out to be an issue for people in recent past. This can be cured upto a great extent. The question that lies is – how?

It’s very simple. In India, 33% of produced electricity goes waste. The main reason behind it is transmission losses and other distribution problems. If we just compare it with other developed world economies then we can see that they are losing 3% of their produced electricity, but here we are losing more than 10x of it, which results in shortage of power and interrupted power supply.

The solution is also not very expensive or critical. We have to be little more innovative with our implementations. What can we do?

We can simply install sensors across the distribution tunnel or wires via which electricity gets distributed from the main line to sub line. And due to the transmission, if there’s any problem like leakage of electricity because of theft, bad condition of the wire or non-maintenance of the wire, it can be detected. This is quite impressive because a system will be there to monitor the other system 24/7 without any human intervention, which will result in greater productivity. This will result in availability of electricity and the quality of electricity is likely to improve.

The output of those sensors is likely to go the input in a computer where data is likely to be analyzed and then it will be decided whether it’s a fault or loss is due to the non maintenance or theft or whatever it may be.

To save money and consequently drive change at the base level, businesses can also use websites like Utility Bidder to source renewable sources of energy.

It’s not a very new concept in the world because many parts of the world are already using it and after getting success they are also implementing it in other sectors also. For instance, in India Mr. Modi is taking the same initiative as smart city initiative. Here, everything is likely to connect through sensors and internet and those sensors are likely to send the info to the main machine and after that the technician can decide whether the parts need to be replaced or maintained.


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