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How to Make Your Website


We live in a fast-paced world where continuous technological advancements make all kinds of information easily accessible and available right at our fingertips. Furthermore, the desire for instant gratification leaves people constantly hungry for more information and more services, regardless of their location or the type of device they use.

Granting mobile users website access on the go has become a ubiquitous priority of most businesses in the world. This is why many businesses decide to use social media to promote their services. Some have been known to use services similar to socialfollow to boost their social following on social media like Instagram for instance. A seamless mobile experience is a must, and having a mobile version of a website also provides customers with much better user experience, which positively impacts brand image and sales. It certainly appears as though more people are shopping on a mobile device than they are on computers these days, meaning that your e-commerce website must be entirely mobile-friendly in order to work at its most efficient level.

The mobile revolution is still underway. Mobile is now a leading platform keeping pace with or surpassing desktop use. Google reports that “global mobile internet usage now stands at 76 percent.”

Mobile sites facilitate most online research. Today’s mobile shoppers are obsessed with research and want to dig deeper when they look for products and services. This is especially true when online shoppers are more acquainted with the mobile site, or if they need to go directly to the source.

Mobile sites can either build or break your brand. This is another interesting insight backed up by Google data. Brand credibility is at stake when it comes to mobile site expectations. If it takes too long to load your mobile site, you may have just lost a potential customer.

Besides creating cute seasonal doodles, Google offers a number of helpful tools for companies and website owners. Namely, they provide a free report inside Google Search Console, the Mobile Usability report, to help website managers adjust to the latest mobile search algorithm requirements.

Alternatively, Google has another tool, the Mobile-Friendly Test, that tells you “how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device.”

If your website is unprepared for mobile-first indexing, it will have some serious SEO problems. No matter how stylish and awesome your landing page is, it means little if it’s not optimized for mobile. So how do you convert a website so it’s mobile-friendly?

Basically, a mobile version of your site can be developed by reorganizing your desktop content elements into mobile-friendly ones. In this case, you’re going to deliver a responsive web design that matches the desktop version. Additionally, you have some other options for creating a mobile-friendly site. Be sure to check out the reviews on wordpress vs wix . Both platforms offer various unique features which could be handy. They include:

Canonical AMP. All your site’s pages are created in AMP HTML, and the mobile version is the same as the desktop site.

Separate URLs. Each desktop URL has a sister URL, an m-dot site that serves mobile-optimized content. Since Google prefers the mobile URL for indexing, follow these instructions to get ready.

Dynamic serving. This approach keeps the same URL but changes the HTML. It employs user-agents to detect what kind of device is being used and dynamically switches the appropriate view.

AMP and non-AMP. With this approach, a user sees two different URLs. Google favors the mobile version of the non-AMP URL for indexing. If your non-AMP mobile version uses dynamic serving or separate URLs, study these best practices to fix it.

Desktop only. If your site only has a desktop version, there aren’t going to be any changes. The mobile version will mirror the desktop version.

Responsive web design. This is the most recommended website design method because it doesn’t create two copies of one site – there’s just one website. Online visitors only see one URL, and the website adapts as the user transitions between devices and screen sizes.

How Video Games Affect the Brain


A team of researchers from the Florida State University has stated that people should be skeptical of adverts that promote an increase in the performance of the brain that results from brain training games. They have said that science does not support these claims.

Our findings and previous studies confirm there’s very little evidence these types of games can improve your life in a meaningful way,” says Wally Boot, associate professor of psychology, an expert on age-related cognitive decline.

People are increasingly under the impression that brain-training apps will safeguard them against memory loss or cognitive disorders.

Researchers tested whether playing brain-training games enhanced the working memory of players and thus improved other cognitive abilities, including reasoning, memory, and processing speed – a process scientists call “far transfer.” However, this was not the case.

“It’s possible to train people to become very good at tasks that you would normally consider general working memory tasks: memorizing 70, 80, even 100 digits,” explains Neil Charness, professor of psychology and a leading authority on aging and cognition.

“But these skills tend to be very specific and not show a lot of transfer. The thing that seniors, in particular, should be concerned about is, if I can get very good at crossword puzzles, is that going to help me remember where my keys are? And the answer is probably no,” he adds.

Charness points out that if your goal is to improve cognitive function, then aerobic exercise may help. Some research has found that aerobic activity rather than mental activity enhances the brain.

A growing body of evidence, however, shows that video gaming can affect the brain and, furthermore, cause changes in many regions of the brain. Furthermore, many have argued that playing video games regularly can also have a detrimental impact on your back, although using a specially designed gaming chair can often solve this issue. Having a look at some gaming chair reviews can help you find the chair that will benefit your body the most.

Scientists have recently collected and summarized results from 116 scientific studies to determine how video games can influence our brains and behaviors. The findings of their review were published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

“Games have sometimes been praised or demonized, often without real data backing up those claims. Moreover, gaming is a popular activity, so everyone seems to have strong opinions on the topic,” says Marc Palaus, first author of the review.

By looking at all research to date, Palaus and team aimed to observe whether any trends had emerged with regard to how video games impact the structure and activity of the brain. A total of 22 of the reviewed studies explored structural changes in the brain and 100 studies analyzed changes in brain functionality and behavior.

About Video Games and Fitness


Another emerging field of sports writing is writing articles about video games. Although some might argue that video games are not treated as a kind of sports in the traditional sense of the word, the level of competition in the gaming world has gotten bigger throughout the past few years that their gaming leagues are now comparable to any big sporting event.

Video game tournaments now command a huge following all over the world, with enthusiastic fans cheering for their favorite teams. Gaming has now become so popular that the best and most popular gaming teams are racking up millions of dollars from tournament winnings, on top of endorsements, similar to celebrity athletes. Gamers can sit in a specific gaming chair , get comfortable and play for hours and hours.

Video game articles require a bit more technical knowledge compared to other kinds of sports, as the lingo used by gamers can be different and may not be familiar to a casual audience. The difference also regarding video game tournaments is that the games can last for hours longer than your normal kind of sporting event. Gaming articles are now one of the most discussed content when it comes to video games, and these can range from news on new video game releases, tournament news, and game reviews.

Another industry that is seeing an increase in engagement and fans these days is the health and wellness industry. Although fitness buffs have always been around, the advent of social media has made it easier for people to share their fitness journey with other people. From fitness articles, people are posting pictures and status updates about their progress. A lot of people share and look for articles about fitness online because they want to read more about how they can improve and reach their fitness goals. It should be noted that fitness is not limited to just exercising, but it is a whole lifestyle. This includes eating right and incorporating everyday health and fitness choices to your daily life.

When writing about fitness, make sure to do your research properly, as some fitness programs may not be good for other people, especially those who are suffering from a medical condition. Reiterate that before starting any fitness program stated in your article, encourage your readers to consult with a doctor first to see if the program they want to try would be suitable for them.

Say you’re not a fan of sports and are assigned to write an article or an essay regarding a sporting event or an athlete, what would you do? You can ask someone who knows a lot about sports to help you write articles about sports. However, if your friends are just like you and are also not all that into sports, you can also hire an online writer to do sports articles.

The truth is not everyone simply has the time to learn a lot about a certain kind of sports in a short amount of time, so it is understandable that you’d want to ask for help when asked to write for a popular sports site or write sports articles and articles on fitness. If you’re finding a hard time looking for a sports writer that is not too expensive, you can hire an online writer from our website. Whatever kind of sports or fitness article you may need, our pool of 1,200 writers who are all native English speakers can churn out high-quality content for you.

Even if it’s specialized sports articles for kids or well-researched sports medicine articles, our writers can do that according to your given guidelines and instructions and be able to pass all orders on time on or before your given deadline. Our writers are knowledgeable in a wide range of topics and subjects, including sports.

Microlytic Electronic Therapy


Among these is a sufferer who had endured chronic pain for more than 16 years: a few sessions with the new machine, and he was completely cured. There hadn’t been anything as immediately effective for home since liquid thc. The list of pain variables treated successfully by Dr George make incredible reading: spondilitis, lumbosacral sprain, critical spondylosis, tennis elbow, ligamentous injuries rheumatoid arthritis and gout (early stages), soft tissue injuries, osteo-arthritis knee and a few cases of post-fracture pains. With this being said, it comes as no surprise to find that some people who suffer with chronic pain opt to try something like strawberry cheesecake strain to help relieve the pain effectively.

According to George, MET is based on the observation that the resistance of the human body is relatively lower at the exact point of injury or lesion. This is believed to be due to the accumulation of fluids at the point, resulting in increased electrical conductivity – there is larger current flow at the point of injury. It is just possible to locate the focus of pain by scanning with a prober attached to electronic circuitry.”

His instrument consists of a scanner, and a pulse generator producing microampere current pulses. The scanner incorporates a current control device, a meter to measure current amplitude and two electrodes: one flat and made of copper or silver, the other pointed and fashioned out of pure gold. The system also incorporates a switch in the form of a transistor.

The arrangement between the current control device in the scanner and the transistor is such that when the latter conducts microampere pulses for curing pain, the current control device regulates the amplitude of the pulses. An oscilloscope completes the set-up.

The patient is made to lie down on a low bed. The flat electrode covered with saline-impregnated gauze is placed in intimate contact with the skin. The gold probe is similarly sheathed. The instrument is activated, and the gold electrode is moved over the general area of pain. When the exact focus of pain is reached the micro-ammeter reflects a large increase in current conductivity.

At this point, the pulse generator is switched on and the cure proper begins. Pulsed currents, are directed into the area for about 20 minutes. This is done because as George puts it “in a normal healthy body there is always a balance between positive and negative ions. Imbalance results from disease, injury, pain or inflammation.”

Thus, by treating the human body as a condenser and building up a charge of negative ions at the focus of pain, relief from a variety of pain symptoms can be obtained. The gold electrode furnishes the negative ions, and the current strength required is low for the metal ionises at a voltage in excess of nine volts. The gold passes into the body in the form of gold chloride.

While the duration of each sitting varies according to the case-history of the patient concerned, it generally does not exceed 20 minutes. And George claims that “dramatic results have been obtained in as little as two sessions of around 15 minutes each.”

And in no case has there been a recurrence of pain in the afflicted area as long as certain rules are observed. These require that for four hours after the therapy the patient should not touch any steel or iron objects, nor should he bathe or wash any part of his body. This is to prevent the ions from leaving the body. As an added precaution, the patient is asked to wear latex or rubber gloves.

After the development of the first prototype of the instrument in late 1974. George has produced a second and a third main model, with variations and adaptations all along. The first two are portable, the third is not. For his successes he was granted a patent in 1978.

Those who have been poked all over with George’s gold needle affirm themselves very satisfied with the outcome. Mrs Roy, housekeeper in a Delhi hotel, suffered from gout in her big toe for almost a decade. In desperation and in great pain, she tried MET: it took only three sittings to clear her painful joints.

Squadron Leader Dutt, bent double in pain with “bamboo spine” (ankylosing spondilyis), staggered to George’s couch. After a couple of sittings, as he puts it “the pain was dramatically relieved”. Annee Abraham was cured of the osteoarthritis, she had been suffering from for 16 years, in three sessions.